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100 Days Of Code | Day 1

Hello Everyone,

I arise from my quarantine cave, after finally beating the old & ugly monster of procrastination, with my mechanical keyboard. Today is the day I start making an impact in the programming community.

Before we get this show on the road, I must come clean, the people deserve it. I've been coding consistently for about 6 months...

So even though I'm technically not a beginner I po·sess a beginner mentality, so hopefully, some of you don't throw me to the wolves. (joking about the wolves part)...

On my first day of the 100DOC challenge, I decided to start on improving my JavaScript fundamentals. I reviewed some core concepts and wrote down what concepts I forgot, and are difficult for me.

JavaScripts Fundamentals Practice

Current Weaknesses
Methods - Math.floor, Math.Random, indexOf(),
Functions - Helper Functions, Function Expressions, Helper Functions, Default parameters

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Good luck!