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A call for volunteers: ClassicPress needs your help

We need your help - join #core »

The official timeline for WordPress v5 has been released (and with it, Gutenberg in core). There are only 45 days until the Gutenberg disaster occurs. Even core WP developers are asking for Matt Mullenweg to push back this timeline, but he is pushing forward regardless.

Gutenberg is NOT ready!

ClassicPress is a hard fork of WordPress without Gutenberg. Our vision is to be the business-focused CMS (Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.)

We've made enormous progress, but we need help to get ClassicPress out before WordPress v5.0.

If you're a developer who can spare a few hours, please join us in the "core" channel on Slack and make yourself known. THANK YOU!!

Join us on Slack »

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Why aren't you on the IRC?

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