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First draft of the ClassicPress mission statement

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the following mission statement for the upcoming WordPress fork, ClassicPress

"The ClassicPress mission is to create and maintain a WordPress fork where major development decisions are approved by a majority vote. We believe that feedback from WordPress users currently falls on deaf ears and it is our mission to give them their voice back through a community led fork.

We have seen enormous resistance against the introduction of Gutenberg into v5 of WordPress and the initial goal of ClassicPress is to provide a version of WordPress that is Gutenberg-free.

From this base the community will be given a forum to propose future initiatives. As an example, a member might suggest to add Composer support and if the majority vote in favour, this request will be implemented.

ClassicPress is about getting back to basics because we believe the community as a whole are in the best position to make it the leading content management system in world, now and into the future."

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Scott Bowler

Might need to add about attempting to keep plugin compatability for as long as possible