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Current Tech Stack

Figured I'd start this off with a list of what I'm currently building with. I'm a full-stack dev, so I work with both client- and server-side code daily.


For my server-side code I typically work with the latest version of Laravel. Occasionally I'll build something custom or use a micro-framework like Lumen, but for most things, Laravel fits the bill nicely.


For client-side I use VueJS when I need a JS framework or vanilla ES-6 when I just need to write a bit. I do want to checkout AlpineJS for the smaller things, as it does seem to be better suited for it. With my Laravel builds, Livewire looks promising, but I haven't used it in production yet.

For years I just wrote my CSS by hand. Then Bootstrap came out and I did enjoy its ease of use, but soon tired of how similar everything started looking, so back to hand written CSS for me. But then TailwindCSS came out, and I jumped in with both feet. I have documented my early experiences with it pretty well, but it's been 2+ years and it's still part of my daily workflow. Good stuff.


So between Laravel & VueJS I use a package called Inertia. It's hard to say if it's really a server-side or client-side, though it definitely leans more client. It allows me to use VueJS instead of Blade files, turning the site into an SPA, but without the issues that typically come with SPAs. All the backend power of Laravel, with the ease of use of Vue. Perfect. And the beauty is, it's not vendor locked, so you can use Ruby & React or whatever you like, and it'll still work. If you haven't already, definitely check it out.

That's it for now, got questions or suggestions? Hit me up!

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'Seun Oyebode

Thanks for sharing your tech stack.

I'm building up my tech stack along these lines too.

If you were to choose one - Livewire or Inertia?
If my comparison is wrong let me know too.

I love your bio "making stuff up since 1977"

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Scott Zirkel

I should really turn notifications on...

Choosing between Livewire and Inertia really comes down to how much JavaScript do you want to write. If you have a favorite framework (Vue, React, Svelte) and want to stick with those, go with Inertia. If you just want to write PHP and some very light JavaScript, then go with Livewire.


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'Seun Oyebode

Love this.

I found it helpful

Thank you