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Scrape ALL latest news on any company/person within 3 lines of Python code

Step 1. Install pygooglenews

$ pip install pygooglenews
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Step 2. Three lines to get news data

from pygooglenews import GoogleNews

gn = GoogleNews(lang = 'en', country = 'US')

# latest news on Amazon that got published over the last hour
news ='Amazon', when = '1h')
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Why is it cool?

  1. You get data from Google โ€” the best search engine
  2. pygooglenews hits RSS feed URL (not the UI URL). So, you don't get blocked by scraping Google

  3. Googleโ€™s RSS can have up to 100 articles. But, Google allows you to specify that you want to see only the articles from the past hour.

Make such a request a few times an hour, and you will not miss a single news article that mentions your company/person of interest.

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