Buy or Build a Test Case Management Platform?

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In today's swift moving software development space there are lots of tools & services for helping a Software QA team manage their test case library. The key needs for one of these systems is to have a way to easily curate the creation, maintenance and organization of the test cases and track their execution progress over time.

Here are my questions:

  1. Did you buy or build a TCM?
  2. What did your company/team do?
  3. What was the driving force behind your decision?

Looking forward to your insights.

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1 - I installed an open source software called Squash TM.
2 - Build a web application that helps company on their business watch and IT monitoring.
3 - We needed to keep test case in one place and be able to follow relation between feature, test case and test results. Squash TM do the Job


Thanks for the information. In my searching I must have over looked Squash TM. I'll look into the product once their site is working again.

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