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Sounds long. Reminds me of a debate over the shortening of api Promise parameters i.e.

// Some prefer res, err combo
api.get("/something").then(res =>{...})
.catch(err => {...}


api.get("/something").then(response =>{...})
.catch(error => {...}

Me too! I think I do it because it makes it easier for people to just type it into the URL bar.


The official way to pronounce it is โ€œdev tooโ€ no dot necessary ๐Ÿ™‚

Just โ€œdevโ€ generally works in areas of shared context around what youโ€™re talking about.


Sort of like the "www." part in many URLs. Instead of saying "double-you double-you double-you dot..." I made up my own name for "w", which I call "wub".

"wub wub wub dot..." Much more fun to say! I think Rick of Rick & Morty would pronounce it that way.

So for "", I just say it "dee ee vee dot tee oh". Then I'm reminded of the band Devo, and put on some of their music.


Influence of locality. I guess for me it's the tone I use with pronouncing it. The too will be at a very low tone than the dev. This could also be regional or just coincidental


Did you say "I'm weird" so that we don't say it back?

Well you're weird ๐Ÿคฃ


I just call it Dev Community. Btw, what is the purpose of the 'to'? It's to be 'dev too' in like "you are a dev too" or something?


I couldn't find this post but, I saw some design from the community hinting Develop(ing|ment) Together This might be the reason, I'm not sure.

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