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5 Things to Help You Better Understand the Web.

The Web, what a guy!

Okay, if this isn't your first rodeo with webdev then I suggest that you stop reading this post, because it won't add much to what you already know. If you're new or have only heard of webdev then you've come to the right place. Here are 5 concepts that'll make the web less confusing.

Here's the list! 😄

#1 Documents

What's a document. Everything that you see on the web is a document. All of it, videos, pictures, and text are all visible because they're displayed through the document.

So Youtube is a document?

What you see is, it's likely created using html, javascript, and css on the client-side for the looks, but all the data management and other server-side operations aren't actually part of the document. The document is mostly the structure, so the design, and everything other than the info. So the comments, videos, and recommended are all from the database. So everything that you see is a document.

#2 Client-side

The client-side is your computer. That's all. It means that there is no interaction with a server. It means vanilla js, no node, no deno, no server runtime.

#3 SPA's

Single Page Application is what SPA stands for. SPA's mean that the whole website or app only uses one html document. It doesn't actually mean everything, your styling, JavaScript and html are on the same document. It means that the separate pages on your app all exist on one html document. SPA's aren't really an efficient way of creating websites unless you're using a JS framework that is component based. That means that the framework is built to create DOM elements that can be embedded into the html.


HTTP stands for Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol. Hyper-Text in directly refers to markup langs, like html, and Transfer Protocol means that it's the procedure to move the markup from one place to another. In this case from a server to your client(computer, or mobile device).


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. If you're familiar with objects in JavaScript think of an object where everything except the curly-braces, commas, the opening and closing for other list types, and colons are double quote strings. It's a way to store info. Usually JSON is stored on web-servers. JSON is probably the most common way for websites to store their info and retrieve it easily.

That's that. Hope you learned something.

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