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Practicing Data Structures and Algorithms Daily!

Boring but worthy

Data structures and algorithms as important as your communication skills if you're into programming. If it's your dream to work as full time software engineer, well this thing should be your playground.
For software engineers, understanding of different types of algorithms is important. So if you had some similar planning get ready for them.

Where to start

First things first! make sure to first get a average or good command over some programming languages like C++, Java, Python or else. Once you're good to go, try going deeper into their some concepts like pointers and structures like stacks, vectors, arrays, dictionaries and queues.
It's recommended that you have some mentor for guidance.

Now comes the painful part

Get ready for some brain damage and mental pain, once dived deep into above things you'll be introduced to some terms like recursion and iterations. Talking about my own experience I had a huge confusion and problems while understanding algorithms full of recursions. Terms like Time and Space complexity will be one factor judging your algorithms.

Resources for practice

Learning data structures and algorithms can get a little easy if you solve more and more questions and knowing the best way to solve them.
Which algorithms fits the best and why? some things that one should have a good knowledge of.
I've been doing some of these algorithms since few days as well my repo:- CPP-Data-structures-and-algorithms
Here are some websites I use for practicing questions :- Hackerrank and Leetcode. Check these websites for questions and try solving them.
Hope this helps and motivates.

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