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Seema Saharan
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Authorization, Authentication of apps and APIs made easy with Auth0


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In present times, security is the main concern for all of us, and if you're a developer you spend a lot of time making a perfect security system for the apps, and APIs so that every user feels safe to use that application.
You spend many days just to create a Login and SignUp page for the app. And after that, your work is still not done.

You need:

  1. Social logins
  2. Authentication for iOS and Android will be separate.
  3. API security
  4. User management
  5. Two Factor Authentication and some business features.

All this needs to be done by a developer team, and it looks easy but it's not. You will spend more than a month setting up all this for just one app.

So, what if I tell you that we have a better option than this.



Auth0 website

What is Auth0?

It's the easiest way to add authentication and authorization services to your apps.

Why to use Auth0?

Here are a few things that will help you to decide why should you choose Auth0:

  1. If you want to reduce all the work that's mentioned above.
  2. Reduce cost, time, and risk.
  3. Identity in modern cloud-hybrid apps and APIs are radically more complex, and it's made simple with Auth0.

What you can do with Auth0?

  1. You can connect any application that may be written in Python, Go, JavaScript, or any other programming language, or even frameworks like NodeJS, Angular, VueJS.

  2. You have made an app, and you want to add authorization and authentication without a lot of work, and don't want to spend many days, Auth0 is just the right option. Just use the right plugins and your users will be able to log in and signup easily, and all with social accounts like Facebook, Twitter.

  3. SSO i.e. Single Sign-On is simple to implement.

  4. You can also enable OTP via email or phone number.

And there are many things that you can do just with Auth0.

Supported Technology Stack

Python, Go, Ruby on Rails, React, VueJS, Angular, ASP .NET, Ionic 3, Java, NodeJS, iOS, Android, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

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That was it for this blog.

Start using Auth0.

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Ashley Hindmarsh

There are many other commercial SSO providers but you do nothing to compare these. So this blog appears to be thinly-disguised advertising