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How my first plugin got 1.1k downloads in just 2 months?

It all started when I came across a website, and for the first time saw full-screen scrolling animation effects between different sections of its webpage. After a quick google query, I found out the popular “fullpage” javascript plugin which is used to create these fullscreen scrolling websites, I liked the concept and wanted to make my own (While abandoning my other hobby projects).

So I started writing code in javascript along utilizing the jQuery library because we the software engineers always want to “write less, do more” and moreover jQuery supports for older browsers is super amazing. This is how “FullView.js ” came into existence (it’s free so you can try it), it’s a simple, light-weighted, and easy to use JavaScript plugin to create cross-browser compatible fullscreen scrolling websites and is used by many developers.

Before FullView.js, I hadn’t written a single javascript plugin. I had created and customized many javascript functionalities for my clients, but for some reason, I kept telling my self that crafting a whole plugin was beyond my capabilities. If you ever felt this way, let me tell you something. Creating a javascript plugin is easier than you think.

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I honestly didn’t expect any downloads, but there are about 1.1k downloads from the NPM in just 2 months, many developers are utilizing it in their projects. If you are good with javascript or typescript, I strongly urge you to try your hand at creating a plugin. If you do and come up with something useful, don’t forget that you can distribute it freely to others or you can also sell it on marketplaces.

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