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Spandan Sehgal
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Thanks for 500 views(in total) + 5 followers

Thanks for your support

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Today I was checking my account and got to see that I have crossed 500 in total views.
I was so happy for my first 500 views that I can't explain .

I also earned bade named Four Weeks Streak that is rewarded for writing a post every week for 4 weeks .

And also a huge thanks to my 5 precious followers :

Here is a code snippet for all my viewers, supporters and followers

let i = 0; 
while (i < 10) { 
Alert("Thanks for supporting me !"); 
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Again a huge thanks to all of you .

Stay safe and do take very good care of yourselves and please keep supportingme like this !

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Thanks for content you share. Keep it up!

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Spandan Sehgal

Thanks ,
Sure I will definitely keep sharing the content like this .