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Hello 👋 👋
(NB : I am not fluent in english but this community is filled with the persons who speak english than those who speak other language and that is why I have chosen to write my post in english. So please forgive me for the wrong things I have done due to my lack in english)

I have made a huge progress in learning PHP, MySQL and Javascript since I started learning them nearly 3 years ago. If really I like coding, the truth is also that I would like to code in a language that will allow me to get a job. I saw a lot of posts where the programming language I'm good in, PHP in that case, where badly talk about. When I thought I should switch to Node.js, this is Deno that came out from nowhere. I'm now so confused that I wonder if I will be a good programmer.I need your advices so I can get the right way. Do I need to switch to any other backend language from PHP? Is it a wise choice to stay with my PHP? THANKS

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Gayan Hewa • Edited

It doesn't matter. If you are comfortable with PHP try to invest your energy there. Once you are comfortable, start investing across the stack JavaScript, Typescript, Deno etc it doesn't matter. Don't give in to the hype. Learning the core concepts of programming Is what matters end of the day. You will end up working with different languages trough out your carrier. But having a T shaped skill (one programming language / paradigm you are comfortable / good in) is what you should arrive for IMO

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Sekouba Doumbia

OK thank you for your advices. They are very helpful.

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Bernard Sibanda • Edited

This may help you and others Sekouba. I like being a bit humorous and at the same time hit hard on the truth brewed from my experience. You can check my quora replies.

I joined programming with a language called Visual Basic 6.0 and enjoyed producing games which i still play today.

A storm of OOP languages such as Java crashed my below language and I was one of many VB enthusiasts who vowed never to leave it.

Dotnet came along with and C#. It was a wave too strong to ignore and I painfully migrated to C# and graduated MCP but never found a C# job.

Instead I got a Delphi teaching job and RAD baptized me again into GUI programming. By side I also worked with Java. I thought these were the best of all but still C# gained momentum. One thing to note but that time JavaScript was nothing but a web toy tool.

I could not believe it when doing my BSC I found myself learning C/C++, then Qt just like now I am on Rust.

Interesting I got a job as a C# developer and it was then I realized how elegant that Microsoft tool was.

Wind started changing direction with the coming of Android. Then JavaScript with its Node began marching to main stream. It was Apps and Apps all over and I realized my Java was an advantage.

To catch up with others, I mounted an upgrade of Delphi - XEs and produces apps from Embarcadero cross platform tool, but these tools where good but cost money.

Cross platform development was pushed by many small devices and web development pushed Javascript frameworks like ionic, react, angular into fashion.

I had no choice but join the rest with ionic with its Angular version 2 (now its at versioin 9/10). For the first time in my life, I enjoyed coding javascript with its wrapper typescript.

After establishing Tobb Technologies, I got more projects and jobs on php, mysql and javascript. I worked with CMS, LMS, E-commerce, Word Press online auctions, and let me tell at this point that php has the largest code on the web.

Node js and its tooling: webpack, browserify, npm took over the stage. I never saw the need to do Node but now I am passionate with Deno, why? Because of 2 things: Rust and WASM the game changers.

If you were to ask me now which of all these programming dishes test sweetest. Go and Julia are my favorites. Although with React I am React Native but with Go and am on Flutter.

Guess what? I have been building a Field Service framework on php, mysql, html, css and vanilla js. Thank God PWA come along and my framework runs offline and online with IndexedDb as the frontend database not Sqlite or mongodb.

What is my root? Php, mysql, Javascript!

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