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5 Best Beginner-Friendly Java Courses in 2021

When you are at the very beginning of your path to Java programming, you may wonder where to start. First, I would recommend giving 80% of your attention to practice and the remaining 20% to theory, as well as combining various sources and seeking help from more experienced developers in your community. These are just a few tips that come to my mind right away.

For more helpful advice and best practices on how to learn to program using Java, read this post carefully. Next, you will discover the most innovative and interactive courses I’ve found perfect for fledgling developers. So go for it and hone your skills.

Beginners in Java Programming: What Programs to Start With

When you just start teaching yourself to code, everything seems overwhelming and vague. You can hardly understand where to start and what resources to use to end up with the skills potential employers seek. This list of the best beginner-friendly online courses aims to ease your pain and, hopefully, put everything in its place.


1 codegym.png

Becoming a programmer requires a comprehensive approach that involves not only reading books but also, even mainly, writing a lot of code for better results. This is where CodeGym comes to the rescue and brings everything you might need to be a qualified programmer.

It is an online learning platform that includes a Core Java Course focused on practice and providing 1200 hands-on tasks of growing complexity. CodeGym will leave you no choice but to write tons of code to get as much experience as you need to land your dream job.

Another thing that makes CodeGym appealing to all newbies is its gamified technologies used to make learning easier and more productive. For example, you can learn programming with Amigo the robot, the character that needs to be upgraded. When you pass a task correctly, you receive points (they are also so-called “dark matter”) that help you level up.

From my experience, the gaming format keeps students engaged and encourages them to keep up the training. So visit the platform if its approach seems appealing to you.

Supported platforms: Web, Android
Pricing: free basic course, $49/mo for Premium, $99/mo for Premium Pro
Core features:

  • Full Core Java course
  • Instant solution verification and tips to help you in solving tasks
  • Small and easy tasks at the initial stage and more complex tasks and mini-projects later
  • A wide selection of content for both beginners and experienced Java learners
  • A basic Java syntax for free Key benefits:
  • Handy mobile app for learners who are always on the move
  • Virtual mentor
  • A friendly community of Java learners
  • Well-structured training modules

One-Stop Java Masterclass for Software Developers


This in-depth online course is dedicated to Java programming and gives you all the needed skills employers want when hiring Java specialists. It has enrolled more than 260k users and received thousands of five-star reviews, which prove its quality and popularity among both beginners and developers who get back to Java after a long pause.

The course includes 80 hours of on-demand video and covers Java fundamentals along with intermediate, advanced, and optional materials. You are not obliged to go through the entire program — it all boils down to projects you plan to work on, be it desktop apps with GUI or user interfaces, etc.

Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Pricing: $94.99
Core features:

  • 36 coding exercises
  • Challenges after each concept
  • Certificate of completion
  • Mobile and TV access Key benefits
  • 35-year experienced instructor who adds new, updated content regularly
  • Feedback and explanations from the instructor before starting a new lecture
  • Info about tools and practices used by developers to increase productivity

250 Steps to Java Programming


After considering multiple Java training to put on the list, I’ve found this one to be a bright illustration of the concept that programming may be fun and exciting. It was created with beginners in mind and uses a combination of JShell and Eclipse as an IDE. The course provides 200+ exercises, puzzles, and code examples as the best ways to learn to program. In more than 250 steps, you will explore core Java features from basics to functional programming and multithreading, and other important topics.

Other than that, you will also be pleased with an exceptional mentor’s approach and teaching style. The tutor explains all the concepts thoroughly to make sure you understand what every single line of code does. That is why, after completing the course, students feel confident when writing Java programs and applying for jobs.

Supported platforms: desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: $94.99
Core features:

  • 26 hours on-demand video
  • 5 articles
  • Troubleshooting guides with 200+ FAQs answered
  • Lifetime access Key benefits
  • Combination of theory, practice, and solutions for more effective training
  • Short yet comprehensive material
  • Exceptional mentor’s approach
  • Ideal course for students with zero programming experience
  • A step-by-step learning program

Java Basics Course by Pluralsight


Mastering the Java language is not only about getting an idea of syntax and APIs but also understanding typical solutions to common problems in software development. The latter can significantly reduce the time required to finish the project, therefore leading to increased productivity and efficiency. So, after a long search, I’ve finally discovered a decent program on design patterns by Pluralsight.

The course makes no assumption on any previous coding experience, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Jim Wilson, the program’s author with 30 years of experience, will teach you everything you need to start working with the Java programming language. You will learn language constructs, error handling, creating, using Java packages, etc. The course becomes accessible after subscribing to the membership at Pluralsight, or you can sign up for a free ten-day trial and access 200 minutes of watch time for free.

Supported platforms: desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: $19/mo for Monthly personal plan, $159/y for Annual personal plan, $239/y for Premium personal plan. Team plans are also available and presented in Professional and Enterprise packages.
Core features:

  • Interactive training materials
  • 8-hour laconic course
  • Real-world examples of concepts
  • Java syntax, constructs, design patterns, and usage Key benefits:
  • Well-reasoned intro to SOLID principles
  • Practice-oriented assignments
  • A small number of tutorials that are not time-consuming
  • Ability to work in any environment that relies on Java

Java Programming Fundamentals by Duke University (Coursera)


This is another sophisticated Java course designed for beginners who strive to step up into a career in software engineering. The specialization by Duke University will give you a clearer sense of key programming concepts, from functions and conditional statements to solving real-world problems. You will get access to all the necessary tools used to write programs and design algorithms to test and debug programs.

It is a five-series lecture with over 130k users already enrolled. It covers programming foundations with JS, HTML, and CSS, new data structures, principles of software design, recommendation systems, etc. After completing the course, you will be able to land a job in software engineering.

Supported platforms: desktop, Android, iOS
Pricing: $49/month
Core features:

  • Foundational skills to solve real-world problems
  • Lectures on designing algorithms, testing, and debugging programs
  • 5-series course on various language aspects
  • Capstone Project to apply everything learned in the practice Key benefits:
  • Project-oriented course to let you build a portfolio during the training
  • Graded tasks with feedback from other learners
  • Ability to get a certificate and share it on LinkedIn
  • Flexible schedule to master the Java language at your own pace

Wrap Up

Because Java is one of the most sought-after programming languages on the web, future Java developers get a lot of career opportunities and are more likely to be in high demand. With Java, you create user interfaces, mobile apps, games, and other projects — the possibilities are endless.

But before you get started, you have to take a corresponding course or even a few, depending on the projects you want to work on. Fortunately, there are many useful resources to learn Java from scratch, from a one-stop program to training focused on specific Java concepts.

In this post, I’ve put together courses that seem best for beginners and hope you’ve found the one that corresponds to your needs.

If you’ve ever tried any of them, feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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