Learn To Code By Playing These Games

John Selawsky on February 20, 2020

Apart from an ambition to become a programmer and have an interesting well-paid job, there are plenty of reasons to learn coding even for those who... [Read Full]
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I'm teaching ICT once a week in a small school in Nepal. After a couple of python lessons I gave the students the homework to play codecombat.com they love me for that
Then I discovered codingame.com myself and got addicted


Hello !! I am also from Nepal. I really felt good hearing your experience. Codecombat is not free i guess . right?


It's free for the first part CS1, then you have to pay


Another good one is Code Combat - codecombat.com


Yup, it's a great game thanks for sharing, please add this game to the list is awesome!


I've used simple games like flexbox froggy with my students to help them learn early on. It's really cool to see a list of more involved games as well! Sometimes splashing some fun into your learning is exactly what you need to stay motivated.


Thanks for shring this list! Re: your middle recommendation…

Oh man, I struggled so hard to get through the built-in vim tutorial before stumbling across VIM Adventures. Where the former put me to sleep, the latter was properly fun and addictive. By the time I'd finished the last level, I found myself able to navigate text more efficiently than colleagues who had been using vim as their primary editor for years.

vim-adventures.com/ is free to try, but at some point you'll be hit with a pay wall. Pay it! At $25, this thing's more engaging, more entertaining, and more effective than any other code-related class you'll come across.

(Sorry for gushing. Promise I haven't been paid for this glowing endorsement. 😬)


P.S. Just finished "Chapter 4" of Flexbox Zombies at mastery.games/courses, and am now ready to gush some more!

I've read the mozilla docs for CSS flexbox more than once, and I've tried a tutorial or two. Every time, it seems like only one real lesson has stuck with me: Flexbox is annoying and convoluted and ARGH!

This course, which is free (!), well-structured, and super easy to follow, has flipped that script on its head. Now I can't wait to get through Chapter 12, at which point I suspect I'll be able to whip out display: flex; solutions with without having to look up a single piece of syntax.

If you've had as much trouble grokking flexbox as I used to, you owe it to yourself to spend 10 minutes walking through Dave Geddes' creation!


On Steam most games by Zachtronics are also good. Not so much "learn to code" as "think like a coder". M. Acton, long-time programmer at Insomniac Games, once quipped that SpaceChem was the closest thing he'd ever seen to PS3 SPU programming (sorry, no source- it was a long time ago).

P.S. they're also free for education


How is CodinGame not on here? It's one of the best! codingame.com/


You provided Really a great list of best games to play for every learner learning these languages. Thanks for sharing this list. I appreciate your hard work.


Another option for programming fundamentals is TIS-100, which is on steam. It is in assembly, but it's a fun game to teach lower level programming. Find it here on steam



Ty for sharing. Used codingame.com/start too and it was fun.


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