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Zachtronics games free for schools

There was another post talking about how similar the game Factorio is to programming. In the comments I mentioned Zachtronics games like Space Chem are similar.

In recent news, Zachtronics is offering several games to schools for free (original announcement)! Definitely worth a look if you qualify. If you don't qualify, consider supporting a developer that makes such a thoughtful contribution to education- and maybe having fun at the same time!


I neither speak for nor am associated with Zachtronics in any way, shape, or form. Unless you count being a fan of Space Chem.

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Dave Fulton

This is definitely worth a look. Zachtronics games do a great job blending programming and problem solving with a Rube Goldberg-esque factory building element. Great way to get kids (or anyone really) interested in programming!