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Top 9 Best Websites To Learn Programming in 2021

Programming has gained immense popularity causing people to jump into this field. But to become a successful developer you need to ensure that you have adequate knowledge about Programming and its languages. The Internet is full of amazing resources to help newcomers learn Java and other languages from scratch to the advanced level.
Below are the Top 9 best websites which might help you identify the perfect and most convenient website for study.


CodeGym is an excellent platform that helps starters to learn Java programming through interactive gamified courses without getting bored. People learn effectively by performing the task rather than rote learning theory; therefore, the course comprises more than 1200 practical tasks for you.
The gamified course with various levels will make beginners eager to complete each level to reach the next level quickly. A virtual mentor will check all your tasks and provide you with a progress report that will help you to identify the improvement you have made.
To make learning convenient for full-time working people, there is also a mobile version app which can be used at any place either during their break time during office or at any other free time.

  • Platforms: You can access CodeGym through its website on your browser, download an Android app. Also, you could solve coding tasks through the desktop IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Programming languages: Java
  • Pricing: free zero levels, after there is a monthly fee of $49 for Premium subscription and $99 for Premium Pro, or $499 per year for Premium and $999 per year for Premium Pro. Also, there is a free Android app.


Codecademy is one of the better places to find good programming educational resources. It consists of numerous certified well-structured courses; some of them are free of cost. Extremely productive classes and tasks will make you a professional with loads of experience and knowledge within no time.
Most of the courses will come along with more than 50 lectures and quizzes, teaching you concepts and basics from the scratch. Also, it comprises an online mentor who is there to answer your queries and check your tasks. Aside from Java, many other programming languages are taught on this platform

  • Platforms: Can be used online on browser, Desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, Ruby, Swift, Python, and many more.
  • Pricing: Get access to basic courses for free, however, to unlock advanced courses you will need to pay an amount of $15.99- $19.99 per month


Coding is not taught as a range of abstract concepts instead it helps you to identify and polish the skills needed to perform a specific project. The Treehouse project can vary from building a mobile application, creating your own WordPress blog, to answering a CS worksheet for a college assignment.
You will find nearly all the programming languages like Python, C++, Ruby, Java, and others. The library of resources is updated frequently to ensure that it includes all the latest news and updates regarding the programming field.
To encourage beginners, badges are given to those who complete courses and perform well in tests. The platform is easy to use, also the short videos and practice-driven nature will help you to know exactly how the Treehouse website operates. In no time you will gain an adequate amount of confidence while solving tasks.

  • Platforms: works on Desktop, iOS, and Android
  • Programming languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, HTML.
  • Pricing: It offers 7 days free trial, and later you have to pay $25-$199 per month


A huge number of excellent courses for beginners cover a variety of topics like web development, programming, and data science. Most of the courses on Udacity are free, hence allowing you to learn all the basics as well as advanced concepts without any charges.
Every course includes lectures from prominent professors, exercises to assess the knowledge acquired, a test to determine your knowledge level, and bigger projects along with assignments to bring your knowledge into real-life practice. Whenever a specific concept is unclear or if you are unable to solve a question then you can head over to the discussion board to gain support from your peers.
Furthermore, Udacity offers nanotech degrees for particular skills and programming languages, allowing beginners to launch a career in a specific field as per their interest. The degrees are made by industry leaders like Facebook, IBM, and AT&T and they are known to help new programmers to complete the journey they started.

  • Platforms: works on Online, Desktop, iOS, Android.
  • Programming languages: resources of all popular programming languages can be found here.
  • Pricing: Udacity has a big amount of courses of different duration. Each course has its own price. Some courses are completely free (but do not offer a certificate). Others may reach up to $3000 for the whole course. Also, you can pay for several months upfront for a reduced amount.


Freecodecamp is an amazing platform with the largest communities in tech, a vast range of Java tutorials, and excellent courses. Many experts claim that the blog of Freecodecamp is unbeatable.
But it is suitable for users who know the basic concepts as all you will find on this platform are practical tasks and project-based assignments. Therefore before visiting the website you need to gain knowledge about fundamental concepts and polish your existing skills.

  • Platforms: Compatible Online, Desktop only.
  • Programming languages: Python, Java, C, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML
  • Pricing: free


Want to reference some project or read informational articles about programming then Geeksforgeeks is the perfect platform for you. Every single concept is explained thoroughly by every writer in a distinct way. Each contributor on this website is a renowned tech expert. Every single tutorial will tell different ways to handle a single programming-related problem.
This free-of-cost website with an easy-to-navigate interface has a huge library that is full of interesting and informational tutorials.

  • Platforms: Supported by Online, and Desktop only.
  • Programming languages: Java, JS, PHP, Swift, Scala, Rust, C, and others
  • Pricing: there are several free tutorials and also they have paid courses up to $300 per course.


Remotely learning Java and web development at W3Schools is easy and simple. This website makes use of daily examples to explain the coding of programming languages and starts from the basics and goes all the way up to the expert level.
Being one of the best websites to learn coding for free, it assists in expanding your knowledge about JavaScript, R, C++, and more than 50 other programming languages. Here you will find easy-to-understand realistic information, tutorials with excellent references, and examples.

  • Platforms: Compatible with Online Browser, Desktop, and Android.
  • Programming languages: contains resources for nearly all the popular programming languages.
  • Pricing: includes free tutorials and also paid courses that cost up to $200 per course.

One Month

Just like the name says, this platform will help you learn programming languages in just one single month. One Month is like a boot camp course where you will get basic concepts about Python, Ruby, and JS in the most effective method. Only a few courses like Command-Line one are free of cost, while most of them are paid.
To get all the latest news and updates regarding coding you need to follow their up-to-date blog posts and informational podcasts. So if you are planning to acquire information quickly then One Month is the suitable platform for you.

  • Platforms: Works on Online Browser and Desktop only
  • Programming languages: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, HTML CSS, and others.
  • Pricing: There is a free trial where you can find a few courses, however, to access all the programming courses you need to pay $299 per year

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a great place for beginners to learn about web development from scratch by availing of all the features without paying any charges or fees. While learning you will be required to create projects that will be very beneficial for your portfolio.
Usually, beginners find it very difficult to identify how to use all the information acquired in real-life projects but with Oden projects, you will be taught the proper usage of each skill. The lesson and tasks will never let you feel lost, in fact, they will train you properly to start making unbeatable projects.

  • Platforms: Supported with Online Browser and Desktop only
  • Programming languages: HTML, CSS , JavaScript, Ruby
  • Pricing: all features can be accessed for free.

Wrap Up

With a vast range of resources available for you to learn about programming, you can select the one which appeals you to the most. For instance, if you understand better while playing games then CodeGym is perfect for you to learn Java; however, if you learn well by creating projects then The Odin Project is suitable for you. For users who want to learn programming languages instantly then One Month is the right match for them. So choose the one and start making outstanding projects.

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