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I write git status at least 4000 times a day, for no reason whatsoever.


Yep that's me. I even write git status after committing just to make sure 😅


That has actually helped me once, I'd forgotten to git add some files


And also git branch after git checkout just to make sure I'm on the right branch… 😂

My prompt reflects which branch I'm on, super helpful!


Is it bad ?
Im also guilty of this one + ls and clear


With as much as I check git status, I don't have time for a 3-letter alias! gs is all I can afford 😜


Most of the time, git log follows git status in my case. :P


tig gives me more information, more concisely. Try it out :)


haha me too. So i added a alias as s => git status. Lol lazy me

More shortcuts like this in here

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