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"Application of Apache Doris in LY Digital"_Apache Doris Summit 2022

LY Digital
The growing demand for analysis of real-time data has further made real-time data warehouse an important part of enterprise production systems. In order to achieve a complete real-time analysis capability, we have carried out iterations of various architectures, from offline data warehouses, to real-time data warehouses, and finally to streaming compute & batch processing's integration. Finally, we built a unified data warehouse with Apache Doris, realizing the unification of storage layer, computing layer and data access layer. It not only simplifies the data links and reduces the maintenance cost of the entire data production, but also brings an easier way to use big data just like using databases. In this way, the business team has the ability to self-develop, be efficient in development, and quickly launch new requirements.

Apache Doris is a real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its high performance and ease of use. It supports both high-concurrency point queries and high-throughput complex analysis. (

SelectDB is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse developed based on the Apache Doris open source project by the same key developers. The SelectDB company focuses on the enterprise-grade cloud-native distribution for Apache Doris. (Contact US:

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