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"Application of Apache Doris in Meituan"_Apache Doris Summit 2022

As one of the Internet companies with the largest business volume in China, Meituan is facing the challenge of low-latency analysis of massive data, and the company's rich business forms raise higher requirements for the flexibility and versatility of the OLAP engine. Therefore, Meituan conducted research on a various OLAP engines including Kylin and Druid to solve problems in different scenarios, and finally established a unified OLAP engine with Apache Doris. With years of development, Apache Doris has provided services for more than ten business departments, such as Deliveries, Grocery, Meituan's Special, Finance, Grab-n-Go, and Hotel, with over 100 clusters and thousands of machines. Meituan is also deeply involved in the development of the Apache Doris community, and plays an indispensable role in generating multiple core features such as vectorized execution engine, query optimizer, and Pipeline engine.

Apache Doris is a real-time analytical database based on MPP architecture, known for its high performance and ease of use. It supports both high-concurrency point queries and high-throughput complex analysis. (

SelectDB is a cloud-native real-time data warehouse developed based on the Apache Doris open source project by the same key developers. The SelectDB company focuses on the enterprise-grade cloud-native distribution for Apache Doris. (Contact US:

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