Project ideas for beginners

Seniru Pasan Indira on December 13, 2019

Beginners or experts, all need practice to become perfect. But beginners may find it hard to practice as some of them have no idea to start somethi... [Read Full]
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Yeah that is hard XD
But atleast trying is a good thing :P


The ideas are in sequential order. So you can take from the first idea

I've actually got quite a portfolio already, but it's a software engineers portfolio, I just think it would be really cool if I could add an rPg game to it


Thanks for sharing some amazing ideas. :)
I'm a WordPress developer and recently I've created a WordPress plugin so that people can showcase their DevCommunity articles on their WordPress site.


This is an awesome list, thanks for the ideas. Oh, how I love the Tower of Hanoi! I had to do that in one of my first programming classes when I was in high school and it was so much fun.


Awesome post!! May I translate into Korean? I wanna share your post with many developers in Korea.

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