What things you don't like in programming?

sergchr profile image Sergiy ・1 min read

What things you don't like in programming/in the industry/your programming language?


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People against learning/change. It happens in my workgroup where using tech from the past ~decade is seen as "chasing shinies."


In many industries, there are people who don't want to deepen their knowledge, change conservative methods and move to an improvement direction. Maybe they have other goals ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, as far as "in your language," it's the same issue. Old heads leading the direction against the community and resisting change. One particularly heated thing among the PowerShell community was removing use of ? in variable names to enable features like the ternary or null operators without use of a clunky extra brackets:


# vs


Traditionally you only need to delimit your variable references in places where it might conflict with your meaning like in string interpolation:


Testing, is terribly boring and time consuming and I hate it even more because is also so damn necessary and unavoidable.