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🔌 Adapter Pattern

Adapter Pattern

The adapter pattern is used to provide a link between two otherwise incompatible types by wrapping the “adaptee” with a class that supports the interface required by the client.



protocol NewDeathStarSuperLaserAiming {
    var angleV: Double { get }
    var angleH: Double { get }
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struct OldDeathStarSuperlaserTarget {
    let angleHorizontal: Float
    let angleVertical: Float
    init(angleHorizontal: Float, angleVertical: Float) {
        self.angleHorizontal = angleHorizontal
        self.angleVertical = angleVertical
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struct NewDeathStarSuperlaserTarget: NewDeathStarSuperLaserAiming {

    private let target: OldDeathStarSuperlaserTarget

    var angleV: Double {
        return Double(target.angleVertical)

    var angleH: Double {
        return Double(target.angleHorizontal)

    init(_ target: OldDeathStarSuperlaserTarget) { = target
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let target = OldDeathStarSuperlaserTarget(angleHorizontal: 14.0, angleVertical: 12.0)
let newFormat = NewDeathStarSuperlaserTarget(target)

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In software engineering, structural design patterns are design patterns that ease the design by identifying a simple way to realize relationships between entities.

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🔌 Adapter Pattern
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Protection Proxy
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