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What CSS framework do you use while building with Next.js app in 2021 and Why?

Hey Devs, I was wondering what CSS frameworks you love using while building Next.js applications. I am looking for a new CSS framework for my next project.

MUI looks promising

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TailwindCSS. I was a fan of bootstrap for a while, but I found that every time I wanted to do something I needed to "disable" or override a lot of existing code. I find that I work faster with Tailwind... and If I need to do some fast prototyping there are plenty of ready to use tailwind components out there.

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I highly recommend Material UI (MUI) (I working with 4 ReactJS CSS frameworks), MUI has clean code, excellent document, no more need coding for responsive design and high flexibility

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Muhammad Shahzad

MUI has missing components. I used both Antdesign and Material UI. I found Antd full fill all needs in web application. Just go through the components you might need.
For CSS styling them you would need styled components or emotion.
Tailwind if you want to make from scratch everything