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Settings Sync Paid Issues - Fix & Earn - Oct 2018

Fix issues and earn money.

Previously I wrote an article for guys who are willing to contribute on Open Source that how can anyone contribute in Visual Studio Code Settings Sync that only required skills are Node JS / TypeScript.

Some issues that are opened in the repository are paid one. For details of each issue open in GitHub.

1. Compare Local & Gist Settings | Show & upload only changes

Currently standing at $20.

a. GitHub Issue
b. IssueHunt Bounty Link

2. Long startup activation time on the first start

Currently standing at $40.
Webpack integration can help you fixing it.

a. GitHub Issue
b. IssueHunt Bounty Link

How to Earn

If you want to work, send me Pull Request with time frame.
Payment will be done automatically when your PR is accepted.

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