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re: How do you like remote work? Is it ever lonely?

It's definitely lonely. I try to get to get out of the house in someway every day. Even just sitting at a cafe is enough to feel more connected. I also do Skype Pair Programming and Google Hangouts. Sometimes I'll just Skype a co-worker and put them on another monitor and we'll work together quietly, like cube-mates.


This is a really great idea. I think I will do this eventually with the team.

Getting to a cafe is something I am looking at doing as well, perhaps a library too.

Even the Mall. Just to feel the electricity and be reminded that there are other humans.


Do you feel that the benefits of remote work outweighs the loneliness, given that you can beat the loneliness?

Yes, if only in the flexibility of hours. You can work whenever (although studies show that Remote Workers tend to work more hours than non-Remote) and sometimes take Friday afternoon off.


Can you pitch me on Skype and/or VS Live Share? I've not yet used the latest and greatest, but would love to hear from someone in the know. What's on the horizon that I should get excited about?

VS Code Live Share (when broadly available) is gonna be amazing. I have a podcast on it in a few weeks. It's so much more than "google docs for code" that some other editors have. You can do simultaneous collaborative debugging...but without installing any of the dependencies. Think of it as "can you look over my shoulder at this code" but without screensharing. You can explore the code, goto definition, refactor, debug and more.

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