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7 Ways Technology Is Changing Project Management For The Better

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If you've been following up on the tech media lately, then you probably already know how AI and automation are changing the world we all belong to, particularly business. Every debate around how technology affects the modern business world often ends with a lot of conflicting emotions. While some see it as a step towards shaping a better future, there are a few who feel deeply skeptical and are questioning the impact of recent tech advancements on our society and our workplace.

However, technology isn't something to be afraid of, especially when you're a project manager. Technology for project management is on a rise and it is for a valid reason. Using a powerful project management software or tool instead of age-old practices helps teams to make smarter decisions and deliver faster results.

When it comes to project management, a majority of businesses and teams are relying on the latest technology and tools available in the market and there are many who are planning to do the same.

So, how does this change project management for better? Here's what you can expect:

1. Centralized data
Recent technological advancements have made it a possibility for team members of a project to store and share information anytime, anywhere. There is a myriad of tools and apps that allow teams to safely store all their files and project reports in a single location and access them on a later date.

2. Instant communication
With the increasing popularity of communication technology and project management tools, businesses have started building teams with members from multiple cities, countries and even continents. Team members no longer have to be confined in the same room to collaborate on a project or transit information.

3. Improved risk management
Technological advancements have dropped the margin for risks in every aspect of a project. Unnecessary delays have been a major issue for projects. Fortunately, with automated tools, teams can now identify potential issues during the work process and get them resolved five times faster, more accurately.

4. Accurate tracking
In the last decade, a technological revolution has taken place, as companies of all sizes have started to rely on cloud technology for almost every process and procedure associated with the business. That specifically includes time tracking and time management. Technology has made it easy for teams to track how much time they've or they're spending on a task and how much progress they've achieved so far.

5. Better resource management
In addition to helping teams stay on top of their tasks and overall project's progress, technology also makes it easier for project managers to keep their resources in check throughout the project. It provides them clarity over each employee's performance i.e who is doing his best and who needs to put in extra efforts. Moreover, this allows project managers to identify tasks that are likely to get delayed and reallocate resources across the project accordingly.

6. Paperless proofing
Nowadays, cloud-based project management has made it possible for teams to get instant and accurate feedback for their design/product. Rather than sending printed designs or product reports, teams can now consider using online proofing tools that allow them to share digital files with clients and other team members for review, make suggested improvements simultaneously, and finally, conclude projects with the desired outcome faster.

7. Bring it all together
With a significant technological evolution and increasing availability of business management tools in the last decade, businesses are accomplishing projects with fewer efforts and resources. For project managers, this is a chance to remove all the silos that might result in the failure of the company, the project, or the product, and promote productivity across teams.

Whether it's communication, documentation, synchronization, tracking or reporting, There are management information tools to manage your business. So, what are you still waiting for? Do some research on your part and find out what kind of tools or technology would do wonders for your project or team.

Do you agree that technology and automation are changing project management for good? Let us know in the comments!

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Terrific article! Utilizing project management software for your teams can really help to increase productivity. A centralized and collaborative tool is what every business need. One of the best that I tried is Quire. At first, they didn't have that many features, but they keep developing great features to step up your productivity.