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How Do You Take Care Of Yourself?

Is This Really About Coding?

Yes. Kind of. Look, let me tell you a story:

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Once upon a time there was a person. This person wanted to transform his life by learning how to code, so he joined a bootcamp.

He had never really coded before, and he knew it would be a large commitment, both in terms of time and emotions.

'That's okay, I'll work hard, try my best, and transform my life for the better!' he told himself.

Obtaining a life full of meaning and opportunity was on the forefront of his mind, which motivated him to focus on the bootcamp, focus on learning as quickly as possible.

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The bootcamp threw a lot of new, weird stuff his way such as javascript, the squid operator, and going to happy-hours.

He felt good. He was studying hard, networking, working on projects, going to hackathons, and volunteering.

But Then It Happened

11 weeks into the bootcamp, the person's partner came up to them and said:

"Hey! Just a heads up, I booked us for that 4-day wedding photo shoot in China so we can have some awesome wedding photos. It's coming up in 2 months!"

Jokingly, she added: "We gotta make sure we're in shape!"

The person took a hard look in the mirror and realized that although he'd been working hard towards his dream of getting into tech, he had been neglecting his health as a result.

He thought about the future he was working towards, and he realized he had to take care of his health as well as his studies, because he couldn't enjoy the fruits of his labor if he wasn't in good health.

Also, he wanted to look bomb-diggity for his wedding photos, because otherwise people would know that his partner was indeed, out of his league.

So he decided to eat right, and planned on exercising daily with one of his bootcamp peers!

Moral Of The Story: Take Care Of Yourself

We work hard and sacrifice a lot as an investment to our future-selves. Sometimes in that pursuit, we neglect our health and fitness because we say:

  • We have other priorities, more important priorities
  • We don't have the time
  • We don't want to be body builders
  • We never have come exercising or dieting properly
  • We find it boring, or pointless

Whatever the reason may be, taking some time to make sure you're remaining in good health is really important, because as you work towards success, your health will determine whether or not you (and your loved ones) can enjoy that success or not.

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Do You Struggle With Maintaining Your Health?

I would absolutely love to know what challenges you run into as a developer, when it comes to maintaining your health, and how you deal with it!

Good Luck In Your Own Endeavors!

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