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.NET Foundation If you're not familiar with the .NET Foundation, it's a great organization that helps promote and fund the .NET community and open source projects. You can read more about it here if you're not familiar with it: https://dotnetfoundation.org/

I've decided to throw my hat into the ring for the board of the .NET Foundation. I believe that the board does great work fostering the next generation of .NET projects. Here's why I want to be on the board:

I'm passionate about .NET, but it's not the only community that I interact with. I am perplexed by the lack of .NET in non-enterprise environments (e.g. education, startups, etc.). I want to help drive the .NET Foundation to help projects that will help drive that adoption. Furthering the tools and projects that help improve the .NET community and welcome more members in with open arms.

I'm also interested in increasing inclusion and diversity across software development. So, one of my goals in being on the board is to help ensure that the board continues to view inclusion as a priority in building .NET communities.

You can read more about my candidacy here:

.NET Foundation Candidate Page

I am humbled by the other candidates and happy to be in their company. They include:

  • Joseph Guadagno
  • Jeff Strauss
  • Javier Lozano
  • Jeff Strauss
  • Bill Wagner
  • Rodrigo Díaz Concha
  • Dhananjay Kumar
  • Layla Porter
  • Jerome Hardaway
  • and more...

The entire list of candidates at:


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