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Manually Install VScodium extension on linux

Visual Studio Code is a go to application for coder's because of its rich theme and extension base. It's open source edition VScodium is also very popular among developers.

If you have a network issue or CORS header error or simply you just want to install an extension offline then this guide is for you.
VScode Extension Marketplace Error

Open VSX Registry: A Vendor Neutral, Open Source Marketplace for VS Code Extensions. Where you can browse and download extensions.
Open VSX Registry Webpage

For demonstration purpose I will install an extension called Prettier - Code formatter

Lets search and open Prettier - Code formatter from

On the bottom right you'll find a Download button to download the extension file.
Prettier - Code formatter

After download open terminal and change the directory where you saved the extension file. By default it will be in Downloads folder.

cd Downloads/
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You can verify the file there or not through ls command
ls command on linux

If the file on that directory then simply run this command. You have to replace <filename> with the filename of the extension that you've downloaded.

code --install-extension <filename>.vsix
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If the extension install successfully, you'll get output like this.
VScodium extension install successfully

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yusufgitcollab profile image
Harsh Singh

I installed the extension. But when I open vscodium and try to find the extension to use it, it does not show up there. Can you please help with that ?