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Benefits of Online Grocery App Development During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.

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We all know that this pandemic has turned everything into a great change. The lives have been almost changed. Everyone is following social distancing and avoids going to markets for shopping to get essentials like groceries. But our need for groceries is being fulfilled by an online Grocery app this time. Yes, truly online grocery apps are playing an important role during coronavirus in this contactless world. 


According to surveys, online Grocery applications have been consistently offering comfort to all customers, even in the lockdown tenure employees of on-demand grocery applications are serving their customers effortlessly. While during the lockdown where people are forced to sit in their home so as to protect them and their family, the online grocery or on-demand grocery applications will make the deliveries at your doorstep so as to ensure that the house is stocked. 

Now let’s have a look at some of the pointers which are telling us what are the main benefits of online Grocery apps in general and in pandemic as well. Let’s have a look at them:


Safety at the topmost priority


As we know that no one is preferring to go outside and buy groceries in this pandemic as it is very obvious that if you go to the vegetable market, you can see lots of people are touching those vegetables and other products.


But if you order all these essentials online then there are fewer chances of infection as those products are touched by few people. So we can say that online grocery apps provide safety measures in this pandemic. 




Convenience is the main driver of online grocery in all markets. Consumers are looking for a shopping journey that’s ever faster and easier and they expect a seamless, friction-free experience, not only across devices but also across online and offline. The easier brands and retailers can make this experience, the more successful they will be. “Assistance is the new battleground for growth,” says Harry Walker, Head of Industry – Retail at Google.1  “Consumers expect to be assisted. Brands that win will provide assistance in the moments that matter: during inspiration and discovery, planning, and shopping.” Here are seven ways brands and retailers are doing just that.


Easy replenishment


Ease of replenishment is one of the main reasons cited by consumers for shopping online. Favorites – a personalized shopping list of products based on past purchases – has long been a way for consumers to streamline online grocery shopping. And automatic replenishment, such as via subscription and Amazon Dash buttons (a wi-fi-connected

A device that reorders a particular favorite product with the press of a button), is growing. Amazon says that more than 55% of its delivery subscriptions last longer than 12 months and build loyalty for the long term. It also says that its Dash buttons, both physical and now virtual too, are one of its fastest-growing services and that many brands are now seeing more than half of their Amazon orders placed via such devices.


Digital payments

Well, this is also one of the major things which people in this virus are avoiding. Yes, people are even avoiding going to the ATMs to get cash as they don't want to get into contact with those cash machines either. Because those machines are also even touched by lots of people. 


And we all know that these online grocery apps provide us with multiple methods of payments and we do not need to worry about the cash. Getting in contact while exchanging money is also dangerous during this pandemic as we all know very well that this virus is spreading with contact. 




Super-fast delivery

Well, this facility of super-fast delivery of online Grocery apps is really helpful during this pandemic especially for those who are working from home these days. As people are not getting time or we can say that they are not able to manage their time for preparing meals. 


Moreover, looking at this facility on the whole then it could be said that super-fast delivery is a game-changer as it removes a major barrier to online grocery and opens the door to impulse and convenience shopping, rather than just stock-ups. Looking ahead, our e-retailer survey suggests that super-fast delivery (within as little as 10 minutes) is expected to be a value-added service in Europe by 2025, with fast delivery is a performance factor in North America and China. An alternative is super-fast click and collect. 


Good and safe packaging

This is another serious concern in the coronavirus. We seriously need to buy those Grocery products which are well packed and untouched by anyone else. And this is one of the major benefits of buying goods from online grocery apps as they deliver products in amazing packaging keeping in consideration all safety factors. 


So, buying groceries in this pandemic from an online grocery app is really healthy and beneficial and there is no need to worry about the safety issues as well. But if you go to buy groceries in the local market store, then you might have seen that they do not provide you essentials in that much amazing and safe packaging. So it is always better to go for an online grocery. 


Cheaper and heavy discount


Well, this is also one of the best advantages of buying groceries from the online grocery app. You can get things cheaper in comparison to the market especially when you are buying goods in bulk. But there is little advantage when you buy a single product, you will have to pay delivery charges for that. 


Apart from this, you can get amazing discounts on some debit and credit cards. And using these cards, you can get even more discount on that particular purchase. So, it could be said that buying online grocery from an online grocery app is highly beneficial from the price and discount point of view as well. 


Final words


So, I have tried my best in making you aware of how online grocery apps are surviving us in the normal days and in the pandemic days as well. I hope that after going through the various benefits of online grocery apps, you might be thinking of online grocery app development. 


You can also explore for more information and there are various mobile app development companies in India that can help in making good online grocery app with good specifications on the budget-friendly note. 

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