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Hugo & workflow

How do you go about minimizing issues with writing your blog posts for hugo so that you can cross post to without lots of formatting/editing work?

I use hugo and it supports shortcodes to allow you to format items like gists, images, and so on with a code like {{% gist 1234 %}} so you simplify your markdown syntax to avoid lots of direct embedded html. Callouts, images, and other shortcuts exist.

This is problematic when importing into and some other platforms I've noticed. For example my images sometimes aren't there and my embedded gists are just gone. Static image resources from project also use path based on directory (relative) so doesn't show them.

I'm considering possibility of using Stackbit too, but it's a lot of work to convert existing site so it's a future consideration, not active.

Any hugo pros have some secrets they can share?

My current blogging workflow has been modified to write my post in Notion, and then export as markdown to put in my repo once I'm ready. I want easy offline editing/autosave access, and this is the best way I've found to reduce overhead to tweaking posts.

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Anyone have further insight into leveraging to push to hugo?