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Shema Mugisha
Shema Mugisha

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Week 5 in Taskforce 3.0

The week was kinda interesting because we dive into deep on some skills i already know , but this time i understood them well.

Agile methodology.

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In this week with help of our facilitators who tried to explain in a simple possible way of how agile works and also it's unique importance compared to other methodology, after a good explanation of agile with real world problem, we played a game which related to agile where each member had a role to play, so i was software developer and other team mates had different roles such as project owner, project consultant, software architecture and a scrum master.

so what i really liked and learned in the game, was the impact of agile to a software developer in a daily life of developing solution of the client's problems, i found how agile can help to brain storm's best solution for the client project, because also the client has role play in developing solution. and also it takes less time to figure out what is going wrong during the development. There are many things i learned from the session, but this was a cool and educative session during the whole week.

Lastly on Friday with my teammates we come up with an idea of what we are going to develop as the final project in the next week.

See y'all next week when we have developed our interesting project.

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