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Is PHP still used?

Hi, am currently starting PhP with OOP. But am also getting distracting as to know whether #PHP is still a south after languages for the web.

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Lukas Lotz

PHP is used a lot. You will find most of the internet yelling at php but it improved a lot over the past years in terms of efficiency and features.

There are a lot of legacy projects that are built in PHP and there's a lot out there on the web regarding frameworks or composer packages to build awesome stuff with. PHP community is not growing fast anymore because it's not fancy and old (but not outdated). Pretty much every developer > 5y of experience had done PHP in his carreer.

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Matthieu Rolland

There are some languages that nobody yells at, and then there are the languages people actually use.

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Boris B.

This keeps coming up and I must say the same answer I always give, PHP is going nowhere anytime soon. I use the Symfony #PHP OOP framework and there are tons of jobs requiring this or others like Laravel.

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Heithem Moumni

PHP never die(); :D

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