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FEC Day 16

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

We're finally done!! I polished most of my section and left my review modal un-styled up until the very end. This was mainly because I knew it was going to be an arduous process. This was because it had like 35+ elements that would need to be styled using css grids and possibly a unique class for each of them. That's hours of work! When I finally tackled it however, I realized that I could recycle 6 of my classes across each characteristic. This reduced my need for an additional 30 classes which is something I'm grateful for. After completing that styling, I realized that I completed my last major task that I needed before presenting. I learned that when I just dove into code and tackled it line by line (no matter how tedious it seemed), time would move by quickly and it will get done. My section proved to be extremely repetitive for me. This has to do with the sheer amount of content I had to display. There were 6 characteristics and each one with 5 different possible values. That's 30 radio buttons that I had to make into controlled components! Now begs the question: would I have traded my section for a different one? Honestly, maybe. Although I enjoyed working with the rating stars and breakdown, I think I would of enjoyed perfecting the overview section's image carousel and zoom feature. Overall this experience taught me a lot about react/state management, agile team workflow, and planning for big projects.

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