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SDC Day 1

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

Today we started our System Design Capstone project! Everyone was broken into teams of 2-3 members - my teammate is Chandler. Our goal is to replace the existing API from FEC with a back end system that can support the full data set and scale to meet the demands of production traffic. To start we had to choose between MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL for RDBMS and MongoDB for NoSQL. From my research I learned that MariaDB is an open-sourced version of MySQL that originally started as a fork. So when deciding between the two you pretty much decide between a larger corporation (Oracle Corp) and an open solution (MariaDB). Then comes in PostgreSQL, an object-relational database management system. What's good about it is that has most of the feature of MySQL, except with the bonus of being able to offer materialized views and store data in XML/arrays. In the end I chose to go with PostgreSQL because it is a technology I haven't worked with yet. Because it is so versatile, I'll need to do a lot of research to figure out cool ways to utilize the features!

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