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Learning Unity Game Dev for 1 Year

1 Year ago, I downloaded Unity and began my game making journey with it. Here's a quick overview of the games I've made in the past year:

  1. 2D Platformer Game: I made this game in one week, to get familiar with the Unity game engine.
  2. 2D Top Down Shooter (Powershot): This game took me 2 Months to complete and was the first game that I published
  3. Mape: Mape is a 2D maze defense game which took me about 5 months to complete
  4. Game Jam game: I participated in my first game jam, which lasted one week.
  5. I made a flappy bird clone in 1 Hour, that was pretty fun as well.
  6. Game that helps you to memorize the first 100 Digits of the Number Pi.
  7. Since december I am working on Skyhop, which my first 3D game. It is a parkour game settled in space.

You can watch a video about my 1 Year experience here:

Have a nice day!

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Ajinkya Borade

good one :)