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Devtogo update

devtogo happens to be my first open-source API integration and I have a soft spot for ♥️.

devtogo is a Go API client library for I made a huge update to this in the past week that I would like to share.

But first, let me do my shameless plug. Always accepting contributions!

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A REST API Wrapper for the api in go

Fully complete client

The major update is that devtogo is a fully complete and supports 100% of the API features 🎉. This means that you should now be able to:

  • Do everything with articles
  • View comments
  • View tags
  • Create, update and view listings
  • View podcast-episodes
  • View your user profile information
  • View video articles
  • View webhooks

This is a simple example that you can use as a base for a scraper.

package main

import (


func main() {
    cl := devtogo.NewClient(devtogo.WithApiKey("YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"))
    al, err := cl.Articles(devtogo.Defaults())
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("something went wrong: %+v", err)

    fmt.Printf("All Articles: %+v", al)


These are important milestones that happened in this project. It might not be reflective of a successful project, but they did hit and I feel proud of them

🎉 Someone contributed

When I initially did my launch post, I received a much higher response than what I thought I'd get (more than zero LOL). Someone made a PR which is more valuable to me than the project itself.

It felt great to get someone else to contribute. I started this project to learn more about go, so I appreciate it when other gophers tag along.

⭐ Engineers starred it

Again, didn't expect this. Normally I leave my code on GitHub and at best at least one person will star it. This one got 5 stars, not much at all, but surprising to me.

Roadmap ahead

Two themes are going forward that I feel needs to be done for this project.

Fork for forem

The devtogo client needs to align with's new vision of forem. I think that with a little bit of commits, this project should be able to work on any forem based site. That is super cool!

Use more Go features

devtogo is one of my first Go open source projects, and in some places it shows LOL. The idea is to use more go features such as:

  • The use of contexts for HTTP calls
  • Incorporating channels for certain use cases
  • Maybe add optional metric tracking

Have more examples

There are some pretty interesting things that you can do with the forem/ api. I would want to showcase these in the future.

Shoutout to the team

A big thanks for the team for giving me a platform to write about tech. I'm a big lurker, sometimes contributor and the community is so amazing. It always happens that when you think the platform peaked, then there's some innovation that happens which is super cool.

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