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How I double my salary package in a year, Web designer to Python Developer.

Shivam Rohilla
Talk is cheap. Show me the code
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Hello guys, in this post I'll tell you about how I double my salary in a year.
I started my career as a web designer, I learned HTML, CSS, Js and PHP and MySQL, I my got my first job as a web designer on January 2020, they gave me only 9k/mo, my first salary was 9k INR only, and I travelled daily for 3 hours and after job I took the metro and come to home and rest for 5-10 mints and go to gym, because gym is very important. It helps me to reduce my stress and all anger, and after 3 months Corona virus is came and everyone knows that how dangerous it is, and in lockdown I applied for a new job and I got a job in lockdown as a web designer and that company gave me 15k/MO INR, then I started learning Python from YouTube, I learned python in 4months and I practice python at full night's and after python I decided to learn Django framework from YouTube and I learned Django in 2 months, and I practiced this for 2 months, and after that I applied for a new job and in December 2020 a company hired me in 18k/mo INR, and after this, but that company was fraud, and after this company I got job offer as a Django Developer and that company hired me in 25k/Mo, I worked there only for one month, because my dad was passed away because of Corona, I ask them for money, for my father but they denied and I leave that company, and in that company there's no humanity they are very cruel, but after 2 weeks, I cleared a interview in an International company, and this company is a game changer for my career, they hired me as a Software Engineer and my package is 4.5 Lacs per annum, 32k/Mo. I just want to say one thing that always believe in God, God is everything ❤️.
Always trying, do work hard
and the most important thing be positive.

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Rahmad Sandy

Hello Shivam, sorry to say and condolences for your father

keep spirit and stay healty

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Shivam Rohilla Author