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Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma

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Advanced Promise: JS Promises on next level

Hi JS Developers,

  • Have you ever needed to abort a JS Promise or any fetch request before completion?
  • Did you want to know the current status of a Promise but felt helpless?
  • Have you ever felt that if there's a way to bind some data to the promise so that it can be accessed if promise variables are handled from outside?
  • Have you ever wanted to resolve/reject a promise from the outside instead after completion?
  • I bet you wanted to have a timeout feature in Promises or JS Fetch requests but couldn't find any.

So I have created a single, huge but tiny size solution for that, which is an NPM package named advanced-promise. It's a very simple extension to the JS Promise class. Very easy to use and open source. Must check once. More details are in the link.

Any Open Source contribution is welcomed.😊


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