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Edit npm package and persist the changes on npm install

Have you ever wondered how you can edit any npm package and have those changes persist if npm i gets run?

You can use patch-package to do this, all you need to do is follow these steps -

  • Make changes to the npm package.
  • After making changes to the npm run this command npx patch-package (package name).
  • This command will create a patches folder inside your project directory and that directory will hold all the changes which you did to the npm package.
  • Now whenever you do npm i it will install the packages, to get those changes which you did in the npm package just run this command npx patch-package to apply the changes.

Now you are done, all your changes will be applied.

Making this process automatic

Just add the command as postinstall like this in package.json file -

"postinstall": "npx patch-package"

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