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Shivani Kumari
Shivani Kumari

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Hacktoberfest 2021 Experience

About Me

✨Hey,myself shivani kumari,I am here to pursue a challenging career with dedication and work hard for the growth of organistaion.✨


I am new to open source.I do coding in C++,preparing for tech companies.


✍My journey is quite interesting.At the very start it's seems to be tough, but I learnt a lot about git tools and my mentors helped me at very best,So a special thanks to them


✍I have contributed in the project named Gif-it.In this I have to transform all the alert into toast.First I found difficult to understand the code and then how to use youtube API in my given task to run my site.Here is my github link so anyone want to check in that they can


✍It was my first-time great experience to be a part of Hactoberfest 2021.I definitely participate in this again.Anyone want to team up in any open source project,I'll be there✌

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