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Asking for feedback: Visual editor + template for QR-Reader and -Generator Apps

Quick access or setup

Here's a live demo of the editor on the project homepage,
and of course the repository on github.
The repo also works as a template
image of a template button for your own QR-enabled web apps. Everything open source.

Introducing: The MetaExplorer-starter template

I'm quite a fan of storybook, because you can communicate with your team mates about the features of frontend components. So everyone gets a clear idea of the UI component parts: But to talk about how two UI components look side by side, UX or measuring funnels I always wanted to have an editor for communicating more complex topics. Topics like how the application state changes, how good UX can be reused or if more copy moves the rest of the content "below the fold".

And so here's a simple App with a QR-reader and a QR-writer and some navigation. You can edit this App without code, and add your own UI components after reviewing them in storybook.


Feedback to make it more usable

Now it's mostly an editor for Application state, inspired by node-based editors such as in blender3D, node-red or camunda (BPMN).

Let me know your thoughts! Is it hard/easy to use, intuitive or not, are you against visual editors in general, what do you need in an editor? - and how long did it take you to crash it? πŸ˜‰

Thanks! Wish everyone a productive time :) πŸ“

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