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Don't just learn it, do it!

As they say, you can't learn to swim by just watching. I guess it stands true for building a Test automation framework from the scratch as well. No matter how many tutorials you watch online until you get your hands dirty with codes, you have not truly grasped it.

In my current company, I have been assigned to a project to build an automation framework from the scratch in addition to being vigilant manually. Rookie myself was drowned in watching tutorials which led me nowhere because I was still fearful of making mistakes.

Once I let go of that feeling and started writing codes, everything came naturally to me. Well of course all the knowledge that I had gathered watching tutorials and reading blog articles was helping me subconsciously.

Yes, I have made mistakes along the way but to err is human. The more you progress in building an automation framework, the more you know what should you do to make your tests less flaky. I will share the key things that you should keep in mind while building an automation framework soon.

The lesson being; don't just learn it, do it.

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CuriousDev • Edited

I agree on this, but it does not appear to be something we should wonder about.
Of course you need to practice, you are learning it to finally use it. Also the doing itself is something which will be new, no wonder, than you can do mistakes, if you just have started it. Do not just learn, but practice as well!