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What's New In Codeigniter4 Installation

Codeigniter4 is rewrite of framework and has lot of differences compared to previous version. Lets see what's new in codeigniter4 installation instructions.

Codeigniter3 Installation

Codeigniter3 offers only Manual Installation in 4 steps.

1.Download and unzip package
2.Upload CI folder and files on server
3.In application/config/config.php file set base URL.
4.For database use, set settings in application/config/database.php file. If you want to use encryption or sessions, set encryption key.

Codeigniter4 Installation

Codeigniter4 offers 3 ways of installations.

1.Manually Installation
2.Composer Installation
3.Git Installation

I'll write in detail about composer and git installations in coming posts.

Keep Learning!!

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