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What is Major League Hacking by a Hacker!

What is Major League Hacking ??
It is a Company which organizes Hackathons for the students at weekends. But they just don't stop here , the also provide then students with Mentor support so that if they get stuck somewhere in their project the mentor can help them to resolve that problem .

The also have Different Categories like first, second and third position and those winners also get attractive prizes plus some Awesome Swags . Not only this all the participants who have participated in this gets swags.

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Who Am i ?
I have been Hacking (Making Project ) At MLH Hackathons since last 5 months and have also participated in Local Hack Day Learn and organized various events at our Guild i.e Developer Students Community. I have attended 10 + Hackathons and also have mentored and volunteer in some . As a CSE Student i would suggest just go to the Hackathons you will learn so many new things there and your network will also gradually increase.

Next big Event by MLH : Local Hack Day [Share] .

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