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I ran a lighthouse on, here are the results

I ran a lighthouse on a few days ago, and here are the beautiful results.
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I'll leave you guys in shock to comment

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

issue with content security policy ruining perfect score

Damn it, why did you have to go and do that, now my obsession is back and I have to mess around with my site to get the 100% across the board again...🤣

Anyone have any idea what "content security policy" issue this may be having as that is what is ruining my score (but that is all the info they give!), but my CSP and security headers are rock solid according to
mozilla observatory and if I check the issues panel on Dev Tools on my PC it shows everything is fine?

mozilla observatory 125 out of 100, shows full marks for content security policy

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Trieu.iv • Edited

Sometimes I feel suspicious and vague about the lighthouse :(

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James Sinkala

Brilliant!! 😂