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Wordpress Developers?

Hi everyone. I am a nonprofit administrator and musician, self-taught developer (only started in May 2019 through Free Code Camp and tons of medium articles). I have only barely touched upon advanced concepts, but I am pretty solid on HTML, CSS, basic/intermediate Javascript and algorithms. I also took it upon myself to build a to-do app with MERN stack.

But anyway, I decided to just browse around and see if there were companies who would hire an intern who could help out remotely to continue learning code. And to my surprise, a mid-west company decided to hire me after a few interviews, not only as an intern, but an Assistant Project Manager/Developer.

The only thing is, I won't get to really practice my coding skills because this is a Wordpress based company. But I thought, at least I am getting my foot in the door in the tech field! I know how to update content and manage pages, make tweaks and things, but much more than that. My humble question is, now that I won't be really coding a lot for the time being, is there a recommended "Wordpress for Developer" book anyone would recommend so I can feel solid on Wordpress?

I plan on still building projects on the side so I don't lose my fullstack skills!

Thanks in advance, guys.

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I myself am a self taught developer who works primarily with WordPress. To start, the WordPress Codex is your friend! If there happens to ever be a WordCamp in and or around your area I highly suggest attending, they typically are cheap to attend. There you can network with other WordPress individuals as well as be exposed to new technologies.

As for books, I found the Smashing Magazine’s Smashing WordPress valuable getting started. There are some good books released by Sitepoint as well.

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Sidney Yin

Thanks, Jason! I will check out WordPress Codex! Having done much more complex css/javascript, node, express, etc., Wordpress seems like a breeze but then again, the customizability is lost of course because it is not strictly "coding". I will check out your suggestions. Thanks again.