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Observability in Serverless Applications at Create:Serverless


On September 30 2020, we had a half-day of conversations about the serverless ecosystem at Microsoft Create: Serverless with a number of experts and community members discussing the different concerns from security to observability to low code.

Ran Ribenzaft, co-founder and CTO of Epsagon and I talked about observability with serverless.

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Observability in Serverless Applications

Existing techniques for debugging and profiling are breaking down in multi-service architectures. In today's session, we shared our different thoughts on monitoring and observability.

Ran shared that to him monitoring is about helping you understand whether your system is working or not and that observability is the three pillars of metrics, logs, and traces that help you answer the what, why, and where of your systems.

I shared that monitoring is the process of measuring, collecting, storing, exploring, and visualizing data from infrastructure (including hardware, software, and human processes) and that it helps you answer the “when” and “why” questions of your work so that you can make timely decisions. I also shared that observability is a study of a specific property of a system, “can I ask questions of my system and answer those questions”. I can use whatever tools accomplish my goals for either problem.

We also talked about the first steps in observability and learning about the challenges. We ran out of time so please do share your questions here!

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