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SigNoz is taking part in Hacktoberfest! πŸ₯³πŸš€πŸŽ‰

Have you been waiting to start making open-source contributions? There can never be a better time than Hacktoberfest.

Do you want your GitHub profile to look like thisπŸ‘‡

GitHub contributions
Do you want your GitHub profile full of these green dots?

Open-source is changing the world, one contribution at a time.

For a month-long period, participation in open-source projects is celebrated and you are also eligible to receive cool swags if you complete the challenge of making four approved Pull Requests(PRs) between October 1-31 in any time zone.

As an open-source project, we are excited to announce that SigNoz is participating in Hacktoberfest!

SigNoz GitHub repo

Steps to participate in Hacktoberfest

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to participate in hacktoberfest:

  • Sign up on the official Hacktoberfest website for your pull requests to count.
  • Pull requests can be made in any participating GitHub or GitLab hosted project. Projects having hacktoberfest in its topic are participating.
  • Make four approved PRs in opted-in projects between October 1-31 in any time zone.

Hurry up! Only the first 50,000 participants can earn a T-shirt.

Why choose SigNoz for participating in Hacktoberfest??

Well, we have tons of issues to be taken care and we will be glad to have your helping hand. We also have a vibrant slack community where you can seek out help in order to make your PRs. Just join our community and tell us you're there for Hacktoberfest!

Our backend is written in Golang, while our frontend is written in Typescript. Check your favorite issues to tackle now πŸ€ΊπŸ‘‡

SigNoz good first issues

Why contribute to open-source projects?

If you're here, then you probably understand the importance of the open-source ecosystem. But it's just not about how open-source software has the potential to change the world. It is also very beneficial for developers to contribute to open-source.

It is said that there is no better code base than that maintained by an open-source community, and it's probably true. Without strict adherence to code quality and governance, imagine how chaotic it will be for a group of developers who have never even met in person to build world-class software.

Here are a few benefits of contributing to open-source:

  • You get a thorough understanding of the concepts involved in the open-source project you're participating
  • You get in touch with more experienced and talented developers from whom you can learn and get mentorship
  • Contributions to open-source is a strong proof of someone's technical acumen. It's better to have contributions on your preferred tech stack rather than just mentioning about it on your CV
  • Contributing to open-source is fun! You get to meet new people while accumulating new skills along the way

At SigNoz, we believe that the future of software is open-source. SigNoz is a full-stack application performance monitoring tool with which we hope to empower developers to solve issues in production quickly. We believe a developer-first and community-driven approach would be best suited for a product that is used by developers day in and day out.

We have a vibrant community of more than 250 developers collaborating together to build the next-gen open-source monitoring solution to keep your systems in fine health. The best thing about open-source is its community where you get to meet a diverse set of people coming together to solve some challenging problems.

We're looking forward to help you take your first steps in the world of open-source. We would also love to host folks who want to learn more about performance monitoring software.

So, let's not wait to create those pull requests and get some green dots on your GitHub profile πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

List of good first issues in SigNoz

Here's a list of some good first issues that you can take up for SigNoz:

Integrate bundlephobia as GitHub CI/CD actions

Configure JEST(Typescript) with React Testing Library

Bug: Handle uncaught error in component

Flamegraph - Sort children by startTime

Configure eslint and Prettier github actions

Visit to our GitHub repo now, and start hacking πŸ‘‡

SigNoz GitHub repo

Join our slack community if you need any help.

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